About the Legend

What, or who, is the real legend of Sleep Hollow?

Here, at The Legend of Ichabod Crane, you will find all things pertaining to who I believe is the real legend in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” No, it’s not the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Legend claims the horseman is a German Revolutionary War solider and his ghost rides through the jet black night, searching for his missing head. And the pumpkin? Well, I won’t give that away.


But he’s just a legend…right?

The real legend isn’t Major Andre – another Revolutionary war solider – either. His legend is that he was hanged by the branch of a large, aggressive tulip tree. The residents of Sleepy Hollow regard the tree with fear, some even claim to have seen many “strange” sights around it.

major andres tree 2

So, if the real legend of Sleepy Hollow isn’t the Headless Horseman or Major Andre, then whose legend is it?

Here’s a hint…he’s not necessarily a ghost…but he’s no hero either.

Did you take a guess?

Did the title of this website give it away?

Without further ado (for fear of putting you in too much suspense, or case you haven’t already figured it out)…

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Crane – Ichabod Crane – the true legend of Sleepy Hollow.


It’s Ichabod Crane, not the Headless Horseman or the ghost of Major Andre, who is the most fascinating character in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” When one finishes the story, one can’t help but ask oneself: What in the world happened to Ichabod? Ichabod leaves such a deep impression in the reader’s mind that one can’t help but try to figure him out. In a sense, the story centers around Ichabod and the many facets of his person. Who is Ichabod, anyway? That is the question I attempt to answer in this website.


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